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  1. No purchase is necessary to participate/win.
  2. The WSTW Rewards Program is open to legal U.S. citizens age 13 years or older. Certain auction items may have additional age requirements. These items and requirements will be noted in the description.
  3. New WTSW Rewards Program participants will receive a one-time bonus of 500 points just for registering.
  4. One LOCAL WSTW Rewards Program account per person--local being within the WSTW listening area. Anyone found to have multiple accounts will have ALL of their accounts deleted.
  5. Opportunities to retrieve Rewards points will be given on-air, online at, at live broadcasts and station appearances, and via other activities as part of the promotion. Different Rewards point opportunities will have different point values. In situations involving ChoiceWords, ChoiceWords must be entered into your WSTW Rewards account by 11:59pm on the day following the announcement/placement of that ChoiceWord to receive the points associated with that ChoiceWord.
  6. Rewards cards MUST be presented at Rewards events in order to receive your points. The ONLY exception to this rule is new members who have recently signed up for The WSTW Rewards Program and have not physically received their card in the mail. Please contact us immediately if your card is we will have to assign and mail you a new card.
  7. WSTW is not responsible for technical difficulties of any sort, internet traffic or slowness, acts of God, and any other issues that may cause problems with entering ChoiceWords, auction bids, or other elements of playing The WSTW Rewards Program.
  8. WSTW Rewards Program players are fully and solely responsible for retrieving Rewards points at the appointed times and/or locations and, in situations involving ChoiceWords, entering ChoiceWords into their accounts, with no exceptions. Players must be present at Rewards Events to earn the points associated with the event. WSTW is not responsible for distractions, missed words, misunderstandings, acts of nature, or events outside of our control which may cause a player to miss a ChoiceWord or Rewards points opportunity, or to not enter a ChoiceWord into their account by the ChoiceWord deadline.
  9. Any person found to be cheating in any way will have their account deleted from the program without notice. Cheating may include, but is not limited to, actions such as sharing of ChoiceWords or points, impersonating other Rewards players, accessing other Rewards players' accounts, and any other action that WSTW, in our sole discretion, deems running counter to the rules of the Program.
  10. Guessing: Anyone found to be guessing ChoiceWords, or randomly entering words into the system, will be eliminated from play for that day. He/she will be permitted to play the following day. Any player found to be guessing a ChoiceWord prior to its public release will lose the points for that ChoiceWord. A second violation will result in the deletion of that player's account.
  11. All points are calculated and monitored by WSTW. The electronic point totals in our files are final.
  12. The Randomizer: Rewards players can participate in the WSTW Rewards Randomizer once per week. Points will only be entered into a player's account if his or her username is correctly entered. If a player submits multiple entries to the Randomizer using various "misspellings" of his/her username, only the points actually awarded to the proper spelling of the username will be accepted and awarded.
  13. Merchandise is awarded based on a bidding system. The merchandise will be auctioned off for the highest amount of points bid in a given time while an online auction is underway. WSTW studio clocks will be the only time recognized for auction start and end times. Winning bidders will be notified via email.
  14. Only the actual account holder may place a bid during an auction (i.e., you may not have a friend or spouse make a bid from your account using your points).
  15. When you place a bid on an item, a hold will be placed on your account for the amount of the bid. Those points will remain on hold and unavailable for other bids until you are either outbid or the auction is settled. If your bid leaves you with unused points, those points may be used for other bids in the current auction (example, you may bid on a CD and a T-shirt in the same auction, assuming your total bids do not exceed the total number of points currently in your account). If you are outbid, you will immediately regain access to the points of the non-winning bid. All bids are final - bids cannot be removed or changed. Be sure to doublecheck the item you are bidding on and the value of your bid before submitting a bid.
  16. Some items in auctions and raffles will be multiple items, meaning that there is more than one copy of that item available. Multiple items will include language in their description to the effect of, "There are x quantity of this item available. The top x bidders will each win a copy" or "x winners will be drawn" where x is the number of items available. Although there are multiple copies of the item available, all prizes are limited to one per bidder. In auctions, you may not place more than one bid, in the hopes of winning more than one copy. In the event that more than one bid is placed by the same person, and more than one bid from that person is of a winning value, the highest bid will be accepted. In raffles, if your name is selected to win one copy of the prize, you will be ineligible to win any further copies. At the end of an Auction, if there are players with the same bid amount eligible for the prize, the player(s) who placed their bid(s) first will be among the winners.
  17. All accounts are subject to be reset back and have their points erased back to the starting 500 - a process we call a "rack-out". WSTW will announce a pending rack-out on air at least 1 week  prior to the rack-out.
  18. Households with multiple WSTW Rewards Program accounts may only claim one "grand prize" item between rack-outs. After each rack-out, all accounts are once again eligible to win "grand prize" items. "Grand prize" items will be clearly identified in the Winners' Warehouse.
  19. WSTW Rewards members accumulating $600 or more in cash, merchandise and/or services in any calendar year will receive a 1099 form at the end of the year for tax purposes.
  20. Substitute prizes or cash value for a prize will not be awarded.
  21. Bids are placed at your own risk for concerts and other scheduled activities that are out of the control of WSTW. In the event of a cancellation of such an event, no points will be refunded, and no alternative prizes will be awarded or provided.
  22. Unless otherwise noted in the description of the item, all prizes must be picked up by the winner him/herself at WSTW's studios at 2727 Shipley Road in Wilmington, Delaware. Substitute parties are not eligible to pick up prizes for winners. NO PRIZES WILL BE MAILED TO THE WINNER. A picture ID is required for identification. Any items unclaimed for 14 days revert back to the WSTW Rewards program.
  23. Employees, agents, successors, assignees, advertising agencies, promotional companies, immediate family members, household members, sponsors, agents, affiliates, parent companies, vendors, suppliers of WSTW, Delmarva Broadcasting Company, and others acting on their behalf, shall be ineligible to participate/win.
  24. Participants/winners waive any and all claims of liability against the program sponsors for any damages, injuries, or other losses which relate directly to the program.
  25. Winning bidders are responsible for paying any and all state, local, and federal taxes or license, title, and transfer fees associated with the prize. Certain prizes may require the winner to provide their social security number and sign a standard station waiver before items will be released.
  26. Participants'/winners' names and their likenesses may be used by WSTW for promotional purposes without further compensation to participants/winners.
  27. Void where prohibited by law.
  28. WSTW reserves the right to modify these rules and contest specifications at any time without notice and without liability. Any decision made by WSTW concerning rules and/or rules violations will be final.
  29. By registering for a WSTW Rewards Program account, you indicate that you have read and accept these rules, terms, and conditions.


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