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Frequently Asked Questions

What is WSTW Rewards?
The WSTW Rewards Program is an exciting and fun way to win prizes from 93.7 WSTW. Feel like you're never lucky enough to be the 30th caller on the air? Frustrated when you hear someone who has no interest in the prize being given away win the very prize you've been so desperately trying to get! Then WSTW Rewards is for you. You'll see all the prizes we have up for grabs.  We put prizes up as raffles, auctions (Winners Warehouse), slots, and you can even buy them at the click of your mouse in our WSTW Store(Bid to Buy). If you can outbid other WSTW listeners, you'll win the prizes you want!

How does WSTW Rewards work?
In its most basic form, WSTW Rewards is kinda like eBay*. We'll take all our prizes and put them into ongoing contests of sorts. But instead of bidding cash, you bid/spend points. And all you have to do to get points is listen to WSTW, visit WSTW.com pages to search for your Rewards Word of the Day (always in a horizontal light blue banner near the top of a page) and stop by WSTW events to play games for more points.

What's this Membership Card?
Your WSTW Rewards Card is now the way to receive your points at WSTW Rewards events. For returning players, yes, that means no more slips to fill out! Simply tell us your username, how many points you earned, then present your card. Please keep in mind...you MUST present your WSTW Rewards Card to receive your points! The only exception will be if you've just signed up and haven't yet physically received your card in the mail. Your WSTW Rewards Card can sometimes also get your valuable discounts at various retailers. Check out Card Discount Section often to see where to present your card!

ChoiceWords ( Word of the Day)? What are they?
ChoiceWords(Word of the Day) are one way you can get points for use in WSTW Rewards contests. Once each day, we'll post a Word on WSTW.com. We may also occasionally randomly announce a Word on the air. However you come across a Word, enter it into your WSTW Rewards account. When you do, you'll be rewarded with points that can be used to bid on whatever auction/raffle/etc. prizes you want. Different Words could be worth different numbers of points. For example, an average website Word may be worth 50 points, but we may throw one in on occasion that's worth more.

Are there are other ways to collect points?
Aside from the website Words mentioned above, we'll also play some games to get you points. We have the WSTW Rewards Randomizer, which will give you a random amount of points once each week. We also ask a daily trivia question that will earn you points if you answer it correctly. These and many other fun ideas are being set up so that you can continue to earn lots of points.

Click for Points, how often can I get points for each banner?
You may click on each banner in the Click for Points section once per day to receive points, which are added to your account automatically. So, while the links remain active all the time, you only need to click each one once per day to get your points. However, we hope you will click them often and patronize our WSTW Rewards friends!

I played the Randomizer, then tried again and it said I already played. What's up?
When you now play the Randomzier, your points are automatically entered into your WSTW Rewards account. However, you can only play the Randomizer once per week.

How do I enter a ChoiceWord and get the points for it?
Once you've set up your WSTW Rewards account, click the "add ChoiceWord" button above. Once the page loads, just enter your Word into the form. Assuming you've entered it correctly, you'll immediately be rewarded with the points associated with that Word.

When can I enter a Word into my account and get the points for it?
As soon as you hear or see a Word, you can enter it into your account. But you must do so before 11:59pm on the day after you heard or saw the Word. (In other words, if you heard a Word on the air on Monday, you must enter it into your account before 11:59 Tuesday night.) After that, the Word may have been removed from our system, and you won't be able to get the points for it.

I have a list of Words that I'm trying to enter, but your system won't accept them. Why?
Words are not valid indefinitely. Again, all Words must be entered by 11:59pm the day after you hear or see it. So if you went to a Word event on Saturday, you must enter that Word into your account by 11:59pm on Sunday. If that deadline has passed, you've missed your opportunity to get the points for that Word.

Ok, so I've got all these points. Now what?
Now check out the WSTW Winners' Warehouse, raffle page, slots , or store, where we store and display all the prizes that will be up for grabs in coming contests. When it's auction time, you can use your points to bid on various prizes. If, at the end of an auction, you have the highest bid on a prize, you win it!

How does bidding work in an auction?
See a prize you like, bid some points for it. If your bid is the highest at the end of the auction, you win the prize. But if you're familiar with eBay*, we should probably point out some differences. With WSTW Rewards, the amount of points you bid is the final bid placed. Unlike eBay*, we don't do incremental, automatic bidding. So if you bid 100 points on an item, the bid for the item is now 100 points. If the next person bids 600 points, the new top bid is 600. So make sure you're comfortable with your bid before placing it - the points you bid are the points you'll spend if you win.

How will I know what the highest bid is? Am I bidding blind?
No, there is no blind bidding in a WSTW Rewards auction. When you log onto the auction page, you'll always see what the current high bid on each item is, and the username of the person who placed that bid. You'll also see what the next minimum bid must be, to outbid the current highest bid.

How will I know if I've been outbid?
Unlike eBay, we do not send email notification if you are outbid. But the current highest bid is always displayed on the auction page. So periodically throughout the day during an auction, you'll need to stop back to the Winners' Warehouse to see if your bid remains, or if you've been outbid.

What happens to my unused points after an auction?
If you don't use all your points in an auction, don't worry - you can hold onto those points. So if we've got a really huge prize coming that you really really want, save your points so you can use them on trying to win that prize.

So I can just keep building up my points forever?
Well, not exactly. Periodically, we'll hold a rack-out, where all accounts will be reset to the 500-point starting level. Any unused points left in your account at rack-out time will be lost. But don't worry - we'll give you a warning that a rack-out is coming, so you can use up your points the best way you see fit.

Hey, I won a prize! How do I get it?
All auction prizes must be picked up by the winner at WSTW's studios at 2727 Shipley Road in North Wilmington, within 14 days of winning the prize. Office hours are Monday through Friday, 8:30am to 5:30pm, except Federal holidays. Click here for directions to our office. Any prize not picked up within 14 days will go back into the Winners' Warehouse and placed in a future auction. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES WILL A PRIZE BE MAILED TO A WINNER!

Really? You won't mail my prize?
Yes, really. All prizes must be picked up - none will be mailed.

Can I have someone pick up my prize for me?
No. If you've won a prize, only you can pick it up. Third parties will not be permitted to receive prizes for winners who do not come to our studios in person. All winners must provide valid identification when picking up a prize.

What's a raffle prize?
You've heard of raffles at carnivals and such. Every now and then, we might feel like doing that kind of thing here. If a prize is set aside as a raffle prize, that prize will not be auctioned off to the highest bidder. Instead, you can use your points to buy a raffle ticket (or possibly more than one). Once the deadline for buying raffle tickets has passed, we'll throw all the raffle tickets in a fishbowl and pull one out at random. If that ticket is yours, you've won the raffle prize!

Is there an age limit to participate in Choice Rewards?
Yes, you must be at least 13 years of age to play. There may be some prizes available that have additional age requirements (trips often require that the winner be at least 18, for example). Those restrictions will be noted in the prize description.

You didn't used to have an age requirement to play. Why the change?
We recently instituted the 13-year age requirement to make our site conform with the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act, or COPPA. That law states that we are not permitted to collect personal information from children under the age of 13 through our website. This law is for your child's protection, to make sure that predators on the internet are not getting access to your children in any way. If you are under the age of 13 and wish to play WSTW Rewards, we apologize for the inconvenience, and we hope to see you back on your 13th birthday!

I've signed up, but I never receive any emails from the program. What's up?
There could be two reasons for this problem. First of all, when you sign up in the WSTW Rewards Program, one of the questions you're asked is, "May we send you occasional information regarding this program?" If you unchecked that box, you are not signed up for our emails. You can fix this by logging in, then clicking "Modify account", then checking the box with the above-stated question.
Another issue could be with your email account. If you have a spam filter of some sort set up on your email account, you may not be allowing our emails to get to you. The best way to ensure that you can receive our emails is to add "rewards@wstw.com", "eblast@loyalears.com", and "eblast@server2.loyalears.com" to your address book. Once you've done that, you should be able to receive all our emails.

Your registration form is kinda long. What information is required?
All the information on the registration form is required. If you don't answer a question, you won't be able to join WSTW Rewards.

Why do I need to provide my income level in the registration form?
The questions asked on the registration form, including income level, are needed so we can provide accurate demographic data to the program sponsors. Please note that only aggregate information will be shared with sponsors. For example, while we may share that x number of people are in a certain income level, we will never share specifically who those people are. Your personal information is always safe with us. For more information, please check our Company Privacy Policy.

This sounds so cool!
Yeah, we thought so, too! So sign up now! Click the "register" button above to set up your account and start playing. And have fun, with WSTW Choice Rewards!

* eBay is a registered trademark of eBay, Inc., and is in no way affiliated with the WSTW Choice Rewards Program.


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